2012 albums going on my iPod this month

Another good reason to rejoice in February being here means the release of some good music and albums. December and January are generally seen as the silly season for the music industry. The run up to Christmas is dominated by the release of compilation albums, think Michael Buble does swing and the clamour for Christmas no 1.

By the time February rolls around the machine starts cranking up again. My iPod is badly in need of an update so here are just some ( the list is endless) of the albums on my wishlist to listen to that have been generating a buzz online.

Miike Snow – Happy to You: Am very excited about the new album release from this Swedish band who belt out sharp poppy tunes that get you dancing. A highlight of this album is the track Black Tin Box, the collaboration with the awesome Lykke Li, this is a must.

Sleigh Bells – reign of terror: Already being hailed as one of 2012’s biggest albums, the duo have promised fans that they will be staying faithful to their trademark loudness. Highlights include ‘Comeback Kid’ and ‘Born to Lose’.

Lana Del Ray – born to die: Her debut album following the success of her single Video Games last year. The album has received mixed reviews with many saying it feels ‘unfinished’ but I want to make my own mind up on that as I think her voice is incredibly atmospheric.

Leonard Cohen – old ideas: His first studio album in 8 years it seems there is no slowing down for the 70 something poet and songwriter. It is described as “addressing some of the most profound quandaries of human existence – the relationship to a transcendent being, love, sexuality, loss and death. arguably the most overtly spiritual of the revered artist’s albums”. Am thinking it might be a slow burner.

Sharon Van Etten – tramp: The third album from the Brooklyn based singer and being described as the album where she has finally found her voice. Described as a great rock album of the year which is both tough and vulerable at the same time. Highlights include ‘Serpent’ and ‘We are Fine’.

The Heart Strings – flap your crazy wings: This is the second album from the North London group and while the whole album comes in under 40 minutes, the 12 tracks are diverse from each other. Described as ‘mgmt meets monkees technicolour as lullaby’s and waltzes sit side by side with fuzz pop anthems and space age indie’. Em ok.


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