Innovative restaurant fends off recession

I came across this clever deal the other day which Bloom Brasserie on Upper Baggot street are advertising. Called Toss Up Tuesdays, it pretty much does what it says on the tin.

Every Tuesday they post a lunchtime special on their facebook page to entice people down and at the end of your meal you toss a coin, heads they pay for your lunch, tails you pay. I have been to Bloom a few times, the food is great particularly their fish dishes so a great way to drum up business on a Tuesday lunchtime!

I am sure more restaurants will start to come up with really interesting and different ways of getting customers in. Have you heard of any?


2 thoughts on “Innovative restaurant fends off recession

  1. Thats a nice fun idea. On a simpler level have seen restaurants here in Edinburgh advertising BYOB without cornate. Not flash but simple and effective

  2. BYOB without corkage is always a great crowd puller, Keshk on Baggot street and Leeson street do it and are always packed as a result. Both restaurants are beside nice wine shops/off licences too.

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