Volta.ie in a nutshell @Volta

What is Volta?  Volta is an Irish video on demand service for Irish and international independent film. Films can be rented or bought, streamed or downloaded.

What’s with the name? Volta was the first cinema in Ireland opened by James Joyce in 1909.

How much is it? It’s essentially pay-per-view. Movies typically seem to start at €3.99 for 48 hour rental or start at €6.99 to buy.

Netflix just launched too so what’s the difference between them? Netflix.ie is €6.99 per month and you can watch as many movies as you like and the catalogue is pretty big (and they claim it is just set to grow and grow).

So why choose volta.ie? Personally,  I think the Volta catalogue is far superior. It specialises in independent and low budget movies and Irish titles, typically movies that would be hard to find or would find it hard to get released on DVD otherwise. I think of it in terms of Volta being Laser versus Netflix being Xtra Vision.

Another benefit is that Volta claim to get films on the same date that they appear in the cinema which is pretty cool for obvious reasons or if not on the day then close to DVD release date. Particularly good for reaching out to more audiences around the country.

It’s Irish…I for one need a very strong reason not to support any new Irish initiative at the moment.

So to put them to the test I want to watch Italian movie The Salt of Life tonight as I loved Mid August Lunch, is it available? No it’s not available on either but I did see a few others on Volta which caught my eye – Un Secret or Irish film The Runway which I stumbled upon being shot in West Cork in 2010 but never heard anything else about so now I am starting to see the appeal!


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