Spring fashion trends #neon #fashion

Technically it’s spring. Well at least spring officially starts in this part of the world in January and with the mild weather and plants a bloomin’ it looks like spring has sprung. But each day still seems to have slate grey days where everything just looks monotone and well…dull.

Enter one of spring’s most beloved trends this year – NEON which according to Spring 2012 Fashion Week is…so hot right now! While neon isnt exactly the first colour palette those of us blessed with fair Irish skin tend to reach for, there are ways to wear it and some that I will bravely try and rock.

I think nail varnish is a great and safe way to inject some neon into your wardrobe. American Apparel have a wide selection of neon polishes.

Or bags, belts, scarves and watches are all a great way to safely introduce it – like this hot orange suede bag in H&M above, only €14.95 and available in lots of colours.

Or rock a bright pair of shades available in every colour of the rainbow…


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