Album pick of the week – Codes and Keys @dcfc #FF

I will disclose that I am a fan of Death Cab for Cutie. I still listen over and over to Narrow Stairs, their sixth album which was released in 2008. I think that is one of those rare albums where I found I liked (and still do like) every song.

So  when their new album, Codes and Keys came out last year I was excited. I heard a few tracks and liked what I heard. It wasn’t until this week that the album arrived into my hands courtesy of Valentine’s Day and I have been listening to it since. Like Narrow Stairs I find this album just gets better with each listen, not that it’s a slow burner, it just takes me a few times to really appreciate the lyrics of some of these songs as Ben Gibbard really pens some great lyrics.

Codes and Keys is definitely not as dark, maybe even more upbeat but no less deep. I have yet to elevate it to the same heights as Narrow Stairs but I think give me time. My top tracks in no particular order: Home is a Fire, Codes and Keys, Some Boys, You are a Tourist – I would definitely urge you to check it out.


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