National Library of Ireland – what’s on @NLIreland

There are hidden gems in every city and one of my favourites in Dublin is the National Library of Ireland on Kildare street. Last summer I attended a few of their evening talks there which were free and open to all with no booking required. Some of the highlights of these talks was listening to Mark O’Halloran talk about his work on Adam & Paul, Garage and his theatre work. Anjelica Huston also gave a great talk about her relationship with Yeats’ work with broadcaster John Kelly.

A new exhibition is opening tomorrow called Particles of the Past. To celebrate Dublin City of Science 2012, Particles of the Past will showcase a selection of science-related gems. From 17th century home remedies to early archaeological drawings to Captain Cook’s journal, this exhibition promises to awaken your inner Einstein.

They will be running evening talks in conjunction with this of science and medical related topics and have an Open Day on Sunday 11th March from 1-5pm.

If you are just interested in dropping in and having a look around this beautiful building general free tours are run every Saturday at 2.30 with no booking required.


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