A Visit from the Goon Squad – a great read

Wow! You know when you finish a book and you feel deflated, you just wish there was a little more….Well it happens rarely with me but you know when it does that you have a cracker.

This is how I felt recently after I read Jennifer Egan’s latest novel A Visit from the Goon Squad. It won a Pulitzer Prize last year and a host of other awards and is being made into a drama but it’s an intelligent story that manages to flick back and forth in time, between San Francisco in the 70s and a futuristic New York, without once losing the reader.

The goon in the title is time which plays a surprise visit on a bunch of ageing music hipster types who once all hung out together but whose lives have since grown apart. But, while the focus is the cruelty of time, it is an ultimately hopeful book.

One of Egan’s own personal favourite books is Look at Me so that is next on my list as if it’s anything like this, I’ll be gripped from the first page.

A Visit from the Goon Squad would be a great choice for a book club book or it’s just a great read.


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