Graham Greene

Graham Greene is one of my all time favourite authors. I absolutely loved The Heart of the Matter, Brighton Rock, The Power & the Glory, Our Man in Havana and The Quiet American. His writing and characters just suck me in and I find myself thinking about them for weeks and sometimes even years afterwards.

So I picked up The End of the Affair recently and was so excited about starting it as it was one of his better known I had never got to read and I have to say – I was so disappointed. It just didnt seem, to me, like vintage Greene. As always the writing and descriptive phrases were excellent but the characters while flawed and interesting, just never seemed to come alive to me.

I read a paper then where Greene admitted that The End of the Affair was his least favourite book and he was never happy with it even though it was very popular at the time of its release. I guess writers like everyone else just have off times but that still wont put me off Greene. In my eyes he is still in a league of his own but I would leave The End of the Affair to one side for now.


2 thoughts on “Graham Greene

  1. Check out The Comedians if you haven’t already. Great insight into post-colonial haiti under that bad pr!ck Papa Doc. Also, the hotel (Oloffson now, Le Petit Trianon in the book i think) is still standing & thriving as both a gigs place & hotel after the quake. The owner, Richard Morse, was actually one of the very first to report in real time on the quake and was one of the sole sources of info coming out of PaP on the day. All other media outlets had collapsed, literally and figuratively.
    Anyway, great book, and this is what is going down in The Oloffson these days:

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