Winter Essentials

Thw weather has turned, it is getting cold, the rain is lashing down and it’s already dark by 4pm! There are a couple of essentials I have dug out of the back of my wardrobe over the last week and it is with joy that I am rediscovering their benefits! Here are my winter picks below ranked in no particular order, let me know what yours are!

1. OnePiece

The cream of the crop when it comes to onesies, these Norwegian made bear suits are impenetrable to the cold draughts which nip at my heels at home. We received them as presents and they have become firm favourites in our house! (thanks again Gerry and Emma xx)

2. Emu Boots

So wonderfully, magically soft and toasty. I recently picked up a grey pair and they are just ever so slightly impossible to get out of (although I try not to pair them with the above one piece…too much).

3. Carmex

In truth I use this all year round but the application of it becomes slightly more obsessive, to say the least, in the winter months. I have yet to find a better lipbalm..

4. L’Occitane Shea Butter Cream

Another essential to keep hands from getting dry throughout the winter, this is very rich and luxurious but good value and lasts forever as a little goes a long way!

5. Le Roche Posay Lipikar & Trilogy Body Oil

This is a particularly great body moisturiser for every day and even better when used along with its shower cream product.

This Trilogy oil is more of a treat product, it doesnt last as long and used everyday would run out in no time but it smells gorgeous and used sparingly on weekends is a luxury for skin. Another oil I am dying to try is REN Morrocan Rose Body Oil, I have heard good things.

6. Clarin’s Blue Orchid Facial Oil

My mother has been using this most of her life after her friend, a lifelong make up expert raved about Clarins Oils being elixirs among ‘those in the know’. Also used by a dermatologist I know so it must be doing something right. Great for dry skin applied at night, I love it as it leaves skin so soft and refreshed.

7. Origin’s Clean Energy

As you can see I’m a huge fan of oils as they really suit my skin. I swear by this Origin’s oil cleanser and in fact really love this range of skin products which are so natural and sensitive.

8. Origin’s Make a Difference

I wouldn’t normally include two posts on the one brand but the Origins Make a Difference moisturiser deserves its own. Designed to combat the really harsh effects of cold windy weather on the skin it is one I go back to every year for its results. It does exactly what it says on the tin!

9. Hot Chocolate

Nothing is quite so comforting as hot chocolate at any age and any time of the day. My favourite brands are Cadburys and Butlers but there are so many out there to try out so find the one you like most, half the fun is in the testing.



The many faces of coconut oil

Coconut oil was recommended to me by a nutritionist as a substitute for cooking oils so you can basically fry or cook anything in coconut oil instead of sunflower, olive or fat. I bought a big tub in a health food shop for about €3 but found when I cooked with it that I could still taste traces of coconut through my food which wasn’t so great. So it sat in my cupboard for another few months.

Then I read online about how good it is for skin especially dry skin. The weather has been up, down and around in the last few weeks and my skin is certainly getting dry as a result. So I tested the coconut oil and well….it really works, really!

Just one go and that was it, dry skin was banished. It is quite hard in the tub so you have to warm it between your hands and it quickly becomes an oil but for anyone looking for a cheap and natural moisturiser you should try it. It patricularly works well for psoriasis, dermatitis, eczema and other skin conditions too.

Apparently it is also great as a hair oil for healthy locks, as an anti stressing massage oil, it can also be used as a healing agent on minor scrapes and bumps and it aids digestion and metabolism when incorporated into diets in smoothies and salad dressings.

So whether you fry or apply, the tubs last forever and are great value, it’s my skincare pick of the week.